The Experience-Mobile Escape is available for your next family gathering, birthday party or corporate event!

It features two, fifteen minute escapes than can be experienced for fun, or create teams and turn them into a competition!  For more information or to reserve our Mobile Escape Experience, please call us at 479-877-5269.


The Tomb Escape

Take a trip back in time to Ancient Egypt in the time of the pharaohs.  You and your companions are trapped in the tomb of the Great Pharaoh Garre-Tep the First.   You have 15 minutes to solve the riddles and escape before you join Garre-Tep for eternity.  Can you Escape?

The Priate Escape

We have all heard the stories of Blackbeard and Long John Silver.  But there were also women pirates that sailed the seas in search of riches.  What many don't realize is that pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read were far more vicious than their male counterparts.  You and your companions are trapped in the hold of Mary Read's ship, the KRH Revenge.   You have just 15 minutes.  Can you escape before she returns?

Visit our location in Cave Springs, Arkansas to experience any of our extended length escapes.

Instead of watching others live out adventures, we have designed the escape rooms at The Experience to allow you to live the adventure.  Entering our escapes are like stepping into another place and time to test your skills and live the adventure.

Opening February 1st...The Farmhouse Escape.

It was supposed to be a simple walk through the country side when you stumbled across an old farm house.  What could the harm be to explore it?  Surely it is abandoned?  Then you hear the lock click as the door shuts and you know you are trapped.  Do you and your friends have what it to  escape in less than hour or do you become part of the history of the farmhouse?

Maximum Room Capacity is 12 Guests

Prices below do not include tax.

$20 Per Person 

$210 Room Price (12 guest maximum) plus tax

Expanded and updated. The Abstrusus Museum Escape.

Join forces with Zero as a secret agent and steal an extremely valuable covert operative list from the Abstrusus Museum before it falls into the wrong hands.

Do you think you have what it takes?

The Abstrusus Escape can accommodate up to 6 Adventurers.

Are you up for the challenge to save the world?

Maximum Room Capacity is 8 Guests

Prices below do not include tax.

$20 Per Person 

$140 Room Price (8 guest maximum) plus tax


Jesse James Escape

The Jesse James Gang has arrived in town before Jesse and they have attempted to rob the bank, only to get caught!

Jesse has given them one hour to redeem themselves and escape. There has only been one successful escape from this jail.

The Jesse James Escape can accommodate up to 8 adventurers.

Can you solve the mystery, escape in under 60 minutes and appease Jesse?  Or will you be joining Eugene for a hand of poker?

Maximum Room Capacity is 8 Guests

Prices below do not include tax.

$20 Per Person

$140 Room Price (8 guest maximum) plus tax

Al Capone Escape

You are Members of the Bugs Moran gang.  The Valentine's Day Massacre has just occurred and everyone suspects it was Al Capone who was behind it.  As the newest members of the Moran gang, Bugs has decided to give you an initiation task. Get into Capone's Speakeasy and steal three of his most prized possessions. You must get his diamond ring, pocket watch and famous white fedora. Find those 3 items, as well as the key to escape, but hurry, you only have an hour to do so as the Capone gang is due back at the bar, they will not be happy to find you here.   Stay tuned for more details and for availability.

Maximum Room Capacity is 12 Guests

Prices do not include tax.

$20 per person

$ 220 Room Price (12 guest maximum) plus tax

Imagine Yourself in a Real-Life Adventure

You and your friends will be racing the clock, searching for clues and solving puzzles as you try to beat the clock and find your way out of one of our immersive escape rooms.

Upon arrival you and your guests will be greeted by our courteous and professional staff.  After reviewing the rules and answering any questions you may have you will be shown to your room and the countdown begins.

You will have 60 minutes to search for clues and solve puzzles to escape.  Can you find your way out in time?


Are You Ready?

We have two options available to purchase tickets.  You can call our office at 479.877.5269 to make your reservation, or you can click the button to your right to purchase your tickets online.