What are your hours?

Sunday                         1pm - 5:30pm
Monday                       Closed
Tuesday                       Closed
Wednesday               11am - 8:30pm
Thursday                    11am - 8:30pm
Friday                           11am - 8:30pm
Saturday                     11am - 8:30pm

Our first Bookings are at 11:30 AM.

Who can Play?  What are the recommended ages?

Children 10 and up with their family. It is recommend that participants be 14 and up as the games are designed for adults. Please supervise the children as the props must be handled with care.

We will need at least one actively participating parent per 5 kids if participants are under the age of 15, they need at least one adult per room. Age 16 – 17 and up are expected to behave like adults and no supervision is required.

What is the maximum group size for each room?

The Jesse James Escape can accommodate up to 8 adventurers.

The Abstrusus Museum can accommodate up to six adventurers.