Finding your team.

Far to often in life we forget the value of teamwork.  We get lost in the everything but realizing that whether it is our home, church, place of work or friendships, we live in a world of teams.  We rely upon our teammates every day.  There is an old cliche that says, “There is no I in team”  I almost got fired once when, in a staff meeting, I pointed out that with a little work there was a “me”.  My boss did not share my humor.  But there is a me in team?  In your team there are a lot of “me’s”.  We live in a world that invites and encourages the question, “What about me?”

For a team to grow, there has to be a blend of factors.

  1. There has to be a leader.  Let’s not confuse the words manager and leader.  I manager controls and allocates resources.  But a leader is the person people follow.
  2. There has to be a shared direction with common goals.  Teams don’t work unless there is a plan.
  3. Check your ego at the door.  Great individuals don’t necessarily mean a great team.  To be a team you have to be willing to put the success of your team and teammates first.
  4. The team members need to be prepared.  Whether it is you spouse, children, ministry team or co-workers, empower them with the tools to be successful.
  5. Give them achievable goals. Nothing kills morale more quickly than setting goals that are unattainable.
  6. Give them permission to win!  That means letting go and allowing them to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Building a winning team is an investment of time and resources.  It does not happen overnight, but if it is done well you will dividends throughout the life of your company.  The tradition of teamwork and excellence will be handed down from employee to employee.  It will create a work environment that will increase employee retention and draw a better level of employee to your company.

The Experience Escape Rooms have been designed with these factors in mind.  Building a winning team takes time and effort.  We look forward to seeing you as you continue on the path to creating a winning team!  .