Team building

"Unity is the glue that holds the team together, in part by reducing competitiveness among its players. When people share a common goal, they have the mindset of completing each instead of competing against one another. That is, they look for ways to make the other person better instead of trying to outshine one another."

                                                                                         John Maxwell

We are fortunate to have groups from corporate companies to family-owned business.  Escape rooms provide a unique ability to provide a platform for team cohesion.  Your employees are put together in an environment that requires them to function as a team in order to succeed.  Each will bring a valuable set of skills to the challenge.  Each is part of their success in facing the challenge.  Of course, everyone wants to escape the room, but the escape itself is not the most important part of the experience for team builders.  The true value comes from the experience of working together as a team to complete a common goal.

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The essence of Team Building...

Putting people into a room together in a room does not create a team.  A team requires a unique blend of components to develop cohesion.  A team requires the strengths of each member to be successful.  The strength of a team doesn't come from the leader, it comes from each member knowing they play an essential part of the teams success.  In the military, there is a word that civilians don't use very often.  The word is "morale".  Morale of a team is contingent on each member understanding that they are part of the team.  That they have been equipped not only with the skills and tools necessary to complete those goals, but that they have the permission to complete those goals!  If a team doesn't feel that they will ever "win" they will grow frustrated and stop trying.  They will lose their morale and the mission suffers.